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Darbaar | Indian Takeaway Restaurant in Sheffield



Darbaar means 'The Kings Court' of the Mughal Empire. It was used for court and council purposes by the King and his Nobels. After their business work, the Royal families and Nobles would dine in this exquisite hall with a ‘Shahi’ meal.

At Darbaar we proudly present our home style authentic Indian/Bengali food inspired from the Mughal Cuisine to be the finest of indian restaurants in sheffield. We have a real passion for food, and most of the recipes have been passed on through our families for generations.

Darbaar offers an Exquisite Cuisine-- all in an atmosphere of casual yet delicate elegance. Hospitality at its finest, Darbaar indian restaurant greets every customer with an outstanding level of service.

Darbaar has a range of exclusive dishes like the Darbaar Kacchi Biriyani, Shahi Chicken Rezala, The Lamb Mossalam and many more. These original recipes are highlighted in our menu. Entertain your taste buds with the Finest Mughal Cuisine you have ever had.

We also offer private party room for upto 40 people. This exclusive space separates your group from the main restaurant floor, allowing you to enjoy your party at our own ease and pace. Prior booking is necessary for groups of minimum 20 people.

If you love genuine and authentic Indian and Bangladeshi food, make a date with Darbaar Sheffield. You will not be disappointed. Indian takeaway sheffield wide also now available.





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